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Your Path to Wellness 

A Natural Way to Heal

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IMAGINE... A new sense of well being.

Greater freedom of movement.

Skin that reflects inner beauty.

A more attractive posture.

You, at your best.

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We have high standards when it comes to what goes on to our clients skin. Carefully selecting  plant based and Organic ingredients from ethical and socially responsible sources is simply our way of living. You are in good hands because we care and treat you as we would treat our family members.

It is all about the experience..

Imagine Balance was created to offer a place of renewal, of wellness and joy. As we witness pain relief, radiant skin and improved posture on our clients we are grateful for the opportunity and feel committed to providing what your body needs on that day, at that moment. Never rushed, you are always our priority.   

To better serve you, we stay up to date with innovations in the fields of Bodywork and Esthetics. We take care of ourselves in order to take loving care of you. If needed, your sessions can be modified to any specific situation and include treatments for the whole family. Currently our clients range in age from 8 years to 92 years old!. We love it!

This is Your Happy Place

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier"



Hot Stone Massage

  Mother Teresa

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