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My husband Dan and I "discovered" Tere when we first moved to Austin nearly 10 years ago. She has been our treasured therapist and friend ever since. We have been receiving regular massage for decades and Tere is the most thoughtful, thorough and well trained professional we have ever worked with. She also brings her gifts of intuition, serenity and a spiritual connection to her work. We feel very lucky to have Tere in our lives.

Dan and Joy S.

I have been going to Joseph Cain on a regular basis for over seven years. He is a gifted massage therapist who's skills, knowledge and experience are extensive and impressive.

He has given me valuable insight into my symptoms and how to deal and work with them. I am amazed at the results received.

As I had 3 level lumbar fusion surgery over 2 years ago, he has helped my recovery to the point where there is no pain or discomfort. I have found Joseph to be an extremely insightful and motivated provider of care.

Beth W.

Tere del Castillo is an amazing massage therapist. Tere offers a wide range of services including massage and facials. In addition to her manual techniques, she has extensive knowledge of the human body, Tere always has advice to offer or suggestions to share when I have a concern about muscle tension or aches and pains. I not only love how utterly relaxed I feel when I walk out the door, but I love the personalized touch from a compassionate and intuitive therapist like Tere.

Tamara K.

Having had many massages trough out the past 20 years. I must say that I felt a sort of "healing" after being treated by Joseph. I have had severe back problems in the past, and sometimes just plain old fatigue. After receiving my first massage from Joseph, I felt that my body was in better balance, I had more energy, and my athletic pursuits were achieved with a greater sense of ease.

I receive regular facials from Tere. During each appointment she takes great care to evaluate exactly what is going on with my skin. Although we discuss the products I might consider using and the care that I should take when it comes to my face,Tere has a far more holistic approach to skin care. We have not only discussed exterior care, but supplements and nutrition that have an effect on my complexion and general health. She has gained my complete trust.

Sherry G.

"I can't say enough about Joseph and his amazing talent as a therapist! When I started working with him, I was close to immobile due to severe nerve damage to my spine. He has opened those closed pathways, straightened my posture and given me back a healthy life that I thought was long gone.

In addition to the numerous health benefits I have reaped. Joseph has become my friend and has helped me to open my mind to all the possibilities that life can offer if I am willing to risk change. His knowledge and expertise is invaluable.

Thank you Joseph, for your perseverance with this West Texan! You are a true mentor and a friend."

Polly B.

I have been blessed to have had massages all over the world.

Tere's massage is by far the best.  Her hands are communicators of her sweet spirit and her nurturing attitude.  After having had a massage from Tere I feel lifted physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Thank you Tere for sharing your incredible gift with us.

Marsha M.

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